October 2019
Arenales District, Buenos Aires


Mercedes Urquiza
ART week

‘Ilusiontale’ is a performance that explores the opposite concepts of Illusion and Reality based on the use of group interaction and functional sculptural objects that activate sensory and bodily mechanisms in the performers.

The work consists of two procedural instances. The first consists of a phase of experimentation, where performers transform their individual energies, by drawing images, concepts and reflections shared with the artist, to compose a group energy. This is a key aspect as the collective actions executed as a group, trigger unconscious behaviors freeing the control of subjectivities in each individual.

The second instance involves the energy transformation that each of the performers goes through with the use of the sculptural objects that acquire a symbolic meaning depending on who wears them. These elements, designed by Rondolini, become fetishes to the interpreters, as they gather an aesthetic value through its evocative and yet conditioning power.

These functional pieces, are extremely decorative, referring in texture and color, to a Baroque ornamental aesthetic, but created with plaster filling applied on wood, by means of a pastry bag, accentuating its playful and ceremonial character. 

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© Luciana Rondolini 2021