Tomorrow is just a song away


Veering into the middle ground between appropriations of pop culture and shiny kitsch, artist Luciana Rondolini creates a new breed of popular art by fleshing out the space between consumption and desire. The artist skates on these edges, creating drawings of flattened pop stars, molding diamond-studs onto the rinds of rotting fruit, and excerpting various iterations of Miley Cyrus’ gyrating tongue. Her graphite-on-paper drawings and throwaway sculptures produce an overwhelming desire to possess these celebrity renditions and rotting status symbols, all of which will eventually decompose, mature, or just plain disappear. Instead we’re left always wanting more from objects and images specifically designed to never satisfy.



Tomorrow is just a song away, Ruby Gallery

Vanitas, ABC Art Berlin Contemporary

Stoa, Miaumiau Studio

© Luciana Rondolini 2021

© Luciana Rondolini 2021