“The point of the gaze always participates in the ambiguity of the jewel”, we read in an incisive paragraph from Lacan. The Lacanian subject finds himself held captive in a deceptive position: when observing anything he irredeemably falls under the inert gaze – that at the same time is miraculously alive – of this object. The subject gets lost in this trap: “In the scopic drive, the subject encounters the world as a spectacle that possesses him. There, one is the victim of a lure.” And also: “The spectacle captures the subject, who delights, who rejoices. He believes he desires because he sees himself as desired and doesn’t see that what the Other wants is to obtain his gaze”. Rodolfo Biscia

The impossibility of permanence is represented through these contemporary vanitas, reminding us of the deterioration and forgetfulness to which all things are subjected. The Tiffany series is directly related to the concept of transformation. To age, and to become obsolete and the difficulties to accept it due to the artificial advertising images that are part of our collective consciousness and systematically hide this feature. The fruits embellished with plastic gems, depict how the brilliance of novelty makes us forget the real value of objects, and the fact that they are all perishable and doomed to become outdated.

My silver Path, San Martin Cultural Center




Tiffany, El Cubo

The lineage of the stones, The Mission. Chicago

Burton & Rondolini, Fortabat Collection

Vanitas, ABC Art Berlin Contemporary

Expansive II The tense calm of the surface MY SILVER PATH, CCSM San Martin Cultural Center

© Luciana Rondolini 2021

© Luciana Rondolini 2021