Expansive II The tense calm of the surface MY SILVER PATH, CCSM San Martin Cultural Center

September 12 – October 12, 2012
CCSM San Martin Cultural Center, Buenos Aires


Mariano Soto
Artists: Dani Barreto, Estanislao Florido, Luciana Rondolini, Publicaciones independientes


What would the skin of words and signs be like? What texture would have that which goes above a question mark, an enigma, an unintelligible nucleus?

Or you can change the syntax and ask yourself, also, what does what lives and dies look like under glittering, erotic, enchanting skin. The scope of one and others in the particular history of each thing.

Content and form can be associated with permanence and transience, respectively. But the promising thing is precisely to play to invest them, to put the known upside down. The essence, the meanings, the enigmas, could decompose and mutate, be upset, even vanish. And then the surfaces could remain, falsely false, boasting insolent but covering a different truth. Words, signs, skins, colors, senses.

Lie. When the interior dies, the surface also transforms into something else.
Mariano Soto

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© Luciana Rondolini 2021