Geometry as a condition of possibility, FNA

February 3 – February 27, 2015
FNA, Fondo Nacional de las Artes


Juan Balza & Gonzalo Maciel
Artists: Ivan Enquin, Adriana Minoliti, Luis Rodriguez, Luciana Rondolini, Leo Ocello, Andrés Sobrino

Geometry as a condition of possibility
by Laeticia Mello

Throughout our history of art, the interests, concerns, inquiries, and achievements of artists have been multiple seeking to achieve a discourse that represents them.

Practices that show research of knowledge have abounded as modes of communication, giving a relevant role to visual expression.

Seeking a distance from the subjective, practices based on abstraction and geometrization of form began to develop. The purely compositional prevailed over the plane of ideas, simplifying the elements and focusing on the dynamic relationships they generate.

The National Fund for the Arts has brought together for this new exhibition proposal, the production of a group of emblematic Argentine artists from their extensive and growing heritage, in dialogue with the poetics of contemporary young people who, despite the time distance, make their way by investigating the same formal horizons using new aesthetic resources.

The dynamics of light activating objects, the use of random algorithms, the suprematism of form; sacred symbology and the superposition of rhythmic planes are some of the constitutive factors of the works of these creators. All of them start from geometry to answer the social and cultural questions that have crossed their careers and have motivated them in the construction of a particular language.

Under this premise, the Room is transformed into a stage where the works become the protagonists of an alchemy of planes, volumes and surfaces dominated by color and geometry, inciting the viewer to trace a possible visual path.

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© Luciana Rondolini 2021

© Luciana Rondolini 2021